Jonah Hex
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian (White)
Loyalty (During Wars): Confederacy
Wars Fought In: Civil War
Military Branch:
Nationality: American
Status: Alive

Jonah Woodson Hex is a vengeful man. The right side of his face is horribly scarred as the result of a self-inflicted burn to cover up the initials "QT" which were applied by Quentin Turnbull with a red-hot brand following the murder of Jonah's family. This, according to Turnbull, is done to "remind [Jonah] of the man who took everything [he] had." While Hex is surly and cynical, he is bound by a personal code of honor to protect and avenge the innocent.


During the American Civil War, Hex fought on the side of the Confederacy until betraying his commanding officer, Quentin Turnbull to save a hospital - with the added result of killing Turnbull’s son in the process. A vengeful Turnbull and his right-hand man, Burke, burn down Jonah’s house with his wife and son still inside and brand his face with a hot iron, leaving the initials QT. Jonah later removes this brand himself with a red-hot hatchet resulting in his disfigured visage. Days later, Native Americans find a half-dead Jonah and revive him with their mystical powers. Because of this ritual, Jonah is present among the living while also having a presence on "the other side," granting him the ability to temporarily resurrect and communicate with the dead. Eventually hearing of Turnbull’s assumed death in a hotel fire, Jonah establishes himself as a legendary bounty hunter.