Michael Fleisher is an American comic book writer. He came to the attention of Joe Orlando whilst working on comic book encyclopedias and subsequently got solid work throughout the Seventies and Eighties. After a failed lawsuit, he worked for the British comics magazine 2000 AD for a number of years in the early Nineties before largely leaving the industry.

Fleisher is probably best known for writing DC's Jonah Hex character for more than a dozen years, first beginning in 1974 in Weird Western Tales (taking over from the character's creator, John Albano), then from 1977-1985 in his own, self-titled comic, with a series set in the character's original wild west setting and then in the Hex series (1985-1987) which transported the character into a post-World War III setting, making him the lead in a sci-fi feature, following the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. His brief run for the same company on The Spectre with artist Jim Aparo in Adventure Comics is, however, probably his best known work having attracted attention for the many inventive and violent ways in which the Spectre administers retribution on wrong-doers.